About Słowak

Polish educational system is based on four stages: primary schools, junior high schools ( so called gimnasiums), high schools and universities/polytechnics. High schools provide students with three-year education with either technical or academic subjects.

Junior and Senior High School in Chorzów consists of the Juliusz Słowacki High School and Bilingual Junior High School. Since 2007 the school has been under the scientific patronage of the University of Silesia.

Bilingual Junior High School provides its students with the extended programme of English language and a part of the classes in Maths and Science are also held in English. The three – year education is completed with final external examination in Polish, English, Maths and Science.

The Juliusz Słowacki High School, with a vast range of subjects taught, has always been the source of academic knowledge. The principal task and duty of the school is to develop young people’s interests and to prepare students for public external examinations and for their future university studies. To achieve this objective most classes in the second and third year are so-called specialities. The system was introduced in 1994 and thanks to this educational innovation each student is able to estabilish his/her own educational path and gain the optimum background for the future studies.

Another goal of school, apart from preparing for further education, is to teach young people how to function in the modern world and Europe. All students learn two foreign languages: English and, depending on the class, French, Spanish or German. Additionally, they can attend classes of Latin. To make learning languages more effective and interesting our school organizes numerous trips and language camps in Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In 1996 European Education classes were introduced as the extra-curricular subject. Students can learn more about the European Union, its history, institutions and opportunities that it creates for the citizens of the member countries. In order to observe the integration process in practice, our school co-operates with schools in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany Great Britain, Spain, Holland, Romania, Lithuania and the Ukraine. One of the examples of such a cooperation is the International Maths Competition that has been organized since 1993 for students from Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland.

We are also trying to make our students and graduates aware of the threats and problems of the contemporary world. We teach tolerance towards other nations, cultures, religions and encourage them to oppose aggression, violence and human rights violations. We show that helping those in need is our moral duty. One of the ways to attain these goals are school geographical expeditions organized since 1991 and aimed mainly at the countries of the south and south-eastern Asia and Africa. During one of such expeditions our students helped to rebuild a school in Sri Lanka that had been destroyed by tsunami.

Although acquiring knowledge and skills is undoubtedly the primary objective of every school, we need to remember that young people want also to develop their interests and passions. Our school gives them every possible chance of doing that by organizing clubs, circles and societies where young people can share their fascinations with others. These are, among others: the Literary Café – giving many concerts in Poland and abroad; Literary Club ‘Chochlik’; Students’ Cabaret ‘3/4’; Film Club ‘Paradiso’; French Club ‘Hexagone’; Club of History Lovers; European Club; Ecological Club; Economists’ Circle; School Sports Club; KAJ – club for the disabled young people from Chorzów and surrounding areas; School Geographical Club ‘Peneplena’ and many others.

The Junior and Senior High School in Chorzów is renowned as one of the region’s best schools. Situated in Upper Silesia, the most densely populated and industrialized region in Poland, our school retains high position in the yearly ranking of high schools organized by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the popular daily ‘ Rzeczpospolita”. Among our students and graduates there are a lot of finalists and laureates of national and international competitions related to different subjects. Probably the most well-known graduate of the Juliusz Słowacki High School is Prof. Jerzy Buzek – the Prime Minister of Poland from 1997 to 2001.

Chorzów is a town situated on the Silesian Upland at the height of 265-341 metres above sea level, within the boundaries of the Silesian Voividship. This region, with Katowice as its capital city, is inhabited by 4.8 million people. Katowice together with more than a dozen other cities form a specific conurbation where one town borders another. Chorzów, with the population of 117 thousand people, is situated in the very center of the conurbation. The town is conveniently located – only a few minutes away from the main motorways in the area and 30 km from the International Airport in Pyrzowice.

Education is one of the main functions of the town. Consequently, about 40% of the town’s budget is spent on it each year.